fruits & berries
  • Strawberries are now done for our 2016 season.  Thanks for another great strawberry season!

The first fruits of summer are the June-bearing strawberries.  Our strawberry season usually runs from June 10th through July 1st, but it does vary from year to year.  During strawberry season, we are open everyday from 8am-6pm for U-pick and from 9am-6pm for Pre-picked.  We currently have 5 acres of strawberries with our sweet varieties being Honoeye, Jewel, and the jumbo sized Cavendish, Annapolis, and Cabot.  The Annapolis are our early variety and the first to ripen.  Next are the Honoeye and the Cavendish.  The Jewel and Cabot are the last to ripen. What's nice about having different ripening times is that each variety offers their largest sized berries during their first week, so this enables us to offer nice large juicy berries all during the course of our 3 week picking season.

We have special open hours during strawberry season:

  • U-pick = 8:00am - 6pm daily, rain or shine
  • We-pick = 9am - 6pm daily, rain or shine
  • Strawberry picking season is primarily in mid-June

Call for updated picking report, current prices, and to place your orders: 608-254-2311

  • Fall Red Raspberries now ripe!  U-Pick and We-Pick daily!  

We have two types of raspberries -- the summer bearers that usually start July 4th and are great picking for the month -- and the fall bearers which usually start giving berries in late July and give their largest yields in August and September and continue until the first week of October when we get a hard frost.  

Please call for current prices: 608-254-2311

  • Black Raspberries are now done for our 2016 season.

Our black raspberries have a unique flavor all their own and have become popular at our farm market for the past 9 years. These raspberries ripen all at once so their timetable of availability is quite limited. They usually start to ripen approximately July 10th and are done within 2 weeks.  

Please call for picking report and current prices: 608-254-2311

With both red and black raspberries, we do freeze our excess pints at the end of each day, so it is possible for us to have these berries during all times of our open season from April 25 through October 31. These are ideal for making jam, pies and cobbler, on ice cream or in smoothies, or just eating on your cereal or oatmeal.

  • Blueberries are now done for our 2016 season.  

Our jumbo blueberries are a real treat to pick on tall bushes that make picking easy. Blueberries are usually ripe by July 4th and continue through August 15 when all the berries have been picked and are gone until next year!


The months of July, August and September brings us juicy sweet vine-ripened muskmelons, super sweet yellow-doll watermelon, long striped red watermelon, and the dark green sugar babies, which are all of the seeded variety. Of the seedless types, we raise a large striped red-seedless watermelon, known as "Seedless", as well as a mini red seedless that is of one-person proportion.  Since summer of 2006, we have enjoyed a delicious new orange seedless watermelon that became popular with our customers and that we will continue to grow as a regular item.  We raise all of these plants in our own greenhouses where they have a happy warm start!  And because we do several plantings of all these varieties, at different timed intervals, this is why we still have yummy melons during September and sometimes into October!